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Mass effect fanart theft on Instagram

Well I don’t know if you consider it art theft.  An Instagram account (called "mass_effect_lovers" can be found here ) has been reposting a bunch of Mass Effect fanart without any credit (she credit ONE of them as far as I’ve seen).
I’ve asked them to credit -politely- and they just deleted my comment. I recognized a bunch of works from DA, though can’t remember the names, a lot I didn’t though cause I’m not really active in the fandom recently.

I know some artists don’t care about receiving credit etc and that’s fine if you don’t. But I think the artists should know about what’s happening to decide on that.  I posted about it on DA but either people barely go there anymore or don’t mind. I don’t know the artists in order to warn them so… 

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Note on posting my art (on tumblr and elsewhere)

Since I’m coming to terms about leaving Tumblr.

I want to make sure this info is easy for people to find:
Please ask me for permission before posting my art, okay?

This includes tumblr, “confession” blogs, instagram, pinterest and etc.  (wherever the image is uploaded to a different server instead of just linked to)

If you can’t, then at least PLEASE POST A LINK BACK TO ME and/or post my name (Elciled)

Don’t edit my works, don’t write text on it, don’t use it out of the context of where/how I posted them without my permission first 
(like, dont claim it’s about something I never said it was)

Thank you :3

I’m not posting my recent works here on my tumblr anymore.

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hiatus (let’s talk about tumblr -rant-ish)

hello, I’ve not updated this place in a long while, but I’ve been updating my blogger again. Truth is I just… don’t like tumblr much. The reason that makes me not want to leave is that this is the only way to follow some artists I like.

But I can’t get used to it. The reblogging is stil confusing, hard to follow and I still find it weird. The lack of a commenting system (yes you can install Disqus but it doesn’t replace the reblogs etc, so it looks confusing on the page) doesn’t make sense to me. The looking through tags thing is not something that really interests me.

The culture of taking someone’s pictures and sharing them without asking for permission, it bothers me. I’ve found my art being posted around even though people could have clicked on the link to my own tumblr and reblog my pictures from there. I was not asked. Yes I know this isn’t exclusive to tumblr, but the mentality of sharing anything virally here concerns me, specially when there are tumblrs that add text on top of your picture and etc with no permission (like confession tumblrs). This is not okay to me.

The way it’s dominated by fandom (yup, I don’t like fandom *gasp*), british actors, and social justice warriors just makes me feel umcorfortable here, out of touch. The constant stream of random posts… I try to follow only artists but still get tons of things I’m not interested in looking at and there’s no way to filter it from the dashboard. The self-righteousness, the policing of others and of everything. When I think of this place, it is not a place I want to belong to. I’d call it overrated, overhyped. No offense intended but I’m sure some people will be offended if they read this. Sorry.

I guess I was and still am taken by the way everyone is on tumblr nowadays. Kind of like how everyone is on facebook, but tumblr is for the cool hip quirky people. So I joined too, I liked the custom themes I found, but lately I’ve been pondering about posting only fanart here or not posting at all anymore. I’m not leaving completely because of the blogs I follow and I’m still not sure about this.
Only a small handful of people follow me but I felt like I should write this anyway in the rare case anyone wanders in here.

I have a similar feeling here to what made me leave Tegaki as well, like… irreconcilable differences.

If anyone wants to see my latest artsys things please check my DA (Spielodia) and my blogspot (CadeaBorracha) for now.
I have share buttons up on DA and blogger but it doesn’t mean it’s a permission to do everything. Ideally, you ask me for permission, I (most likely) give it to you, you then use the share button to repost it easily with a pretty link to me automatically. If you think messaging me is OH SO HARD (it’s not) you can’t take 5 minutes to do it, then make sure you link to me and write my name somewhere. (Any of the names I use would be okay: Elciled, Spielodia on DA, Ashiay Leni)

It is not that I don’t want people to share my work, I really do, but I want to have some kind of control over it, that’s why having permission first is important. I really hate the way some blogs take pictures and ruin it with ugly text on top of it, or use pictures in the wrong contexts, or crop to make icons and edits. Don’t.

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re-reblogging again cause my art :P
and cause I couldn’t make text work the first time (or the second. Or the third). I hate tumblr.



And some more, because you know what day it is. :D


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Finally decided to scan something… sketches made a week ago, ball-point pen and pencils. Got a new monitor today :)
Here’s the full post

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I was going to post this as the start of my Tanya spam on my sketchblog but I am still not sure on the policy of posting sketches that aren’t my own on there. I’ve done it before because I like going, “hey look at my characters! You’ll see them on this blog a lot!” But it seems a little deceiving.

My friend drew this for me. I think it was an art trade but either way it is beautiful.

<3 well, I’m really flattered you posted it. Though zomg I drew bad.

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Reblogging my own art again XD I found it cause I had noticed russian people using my fanarts all over some forums before, and decided to look for my deviantart name on google again. Lol. Why didn’t anyone just reblog it from the tumblr address I put on the pic I don’t know. Here’s where I posted it: http://elciled.tumblr.com/post/10514210763/i-swear-i-will-stop-this-im-just-trying-to



Does it get any mushier by Spielodia

Equally as obsessed with Femshep X Garrus as I am Snape and Lily. Oh the fangirling.

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I know I say no reblogs, but this is my own art…(no she’s not asian, lol)
  I knew turians could kiss (they have tongues so).

Feels so awkward to see people posting (even looking at) my er, sexy times arts XD but I’ve been obsessing about these two since ME2 came out… it died down a little after I got sorta mad at fandom.

 (I kinda liked the sketch better).


Kissu by Spielodia

All these Garrus/Femshep fanarts are amazing <3  I don’t think I’ve found one yet that I don’t like :3  Sexy kissing!

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Just a christmas “reindeer” (very loosely.. I found out during this that xmas reindeers are much closer to a deer) for a publication back in december that didn’t happen

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try for a job…

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In times of terrible art-blocks, messy but likeable sketches are kings…?

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Just a pretty old Tegaki pic of my Neverwinter Nights character Tinde Signe, a “playful” elf lady ranger who carried a one handed sword bigger than her in Hordes of The Underdark (and who happens to look very androgynous here)

I’ve noticed sometimes I get too lazy to write a link/watermark thing to my pics but SOMEHOW… I think I don’t need to worry about art theft much.

Oh and thank you celestialmayhem, I did sketch with pencil before hand, it doesn’t go well with markers but if you do it lightly it’s not a problem :) (wish I knew if there was a way to reply on this site)

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First time using markers, so many mistakes but me ish happeh.

Tumblr is being CA-RAZY, telling me I have 10 notes and stuff and when I look I have like 3 actually, then I look again I have 0. WHAT. A lot of the people who do leave notes/likes etc, when I go look at their pages they are EMPTY and some even use THE SAME PHOTO, I think fake users are fake?

Anyway, JIVES THANK YOU FOR STILL EXISTING TvT and I hope you don’t hate me if I don’t follow your tumblr but I’m trying to keep my dash art only, however I could make a different account to follow everyone I like, the reblogging thing on tumblr confuses me still and everyone blogs/reblogs so many gifs/memes/stuff I am overwhelmed